Holland is just as wet and flat as it is rumoured to be. XD

However, Dutch people, although perhaps "direct" are not as "rude" as I thought they might come off. Maybe times are changing, but most people I've met or talked to are quite nice.

In no particular order, I'll just say things that have happened... and/or things I have observed... etc.

1. There's this really fast fruitfly-type-bug in my room and I want to kill it but I can't. x_x
2. Walking, especially during morning rush hour, makes you feel silly because almost everyone else is either biking or driving.
3. Shopping for a bicycle when you're a short person in a tall-people country is difficult.
4. Walking in the rain for a prolonged amount of time will guarantee you to get wet.
5. I do not yet understand work culture. I hope I do soon.
6. So far, I really like my workplace, job/assignment/task/whatever it is called, and co-workers. We have really cool coffee machines, with good coffee that has not (yet) made me super jittery.
7. I don't feel as short as I thought I would.
8. Every time I need to use a key, I have to relearn how to use keys... at least I feel like I'm getting better at it.
9. No surprise but Dutch people are quite talented with the whole bike-and-hold-umbrella-and-not-crash thing. Watching people go on roundabouts on a bike (with cars) scares me.
10. Everything seems to close at 18.00, except for the occasional restaurant or supermarket or whatever. 

And for the sake of my own organization, a to-do list...
1. Register at gemeentehuis  (only half done :( sad)
2. Get a bike that fits
3. Get a sim card
4. Open a bank account
5. Ask someone about how to get a personal OV-chipkaart


Joyce said...

For fruit flies, you can consider putting the fruit in the fridge :)

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