Burger cupcakes

Every time I try to start blogging again, I inevitably fail, so I will just post at random.

I helped make burger cupcakes with some young sisters the other day, to bring to our home meeting. We got the idea from Pinterest and found that lots of people had done it so it was pretty easy to get ideas for all the components.

Bun: vanilla cupcake
Tomato: strawberry slice
Lettuce: green icing
Patty: brownie
Fries: sugar cookies
Ketchup: strawberries (blended), with a touch of lemon juice and icing sugar.

There were so many components, we ended up using mixes for almost everything except the icing. If you made them all from scratch, this could be at least a half-day project...

You can't really see it, but the box was also homemade! We folded origami boxes and coloured them with red sharpie stripes (for whatever reason, I had five red sharpies in my drawer).

Being epic

In a generation of entrepreneurial college drop-outs and geniuses, I feel like it's getting harder and harder to be an average joe.

I want to learn stuff and do cool things (I've recently been looking at a lot of Internet of Things related companies, thanks to my 500 project), but I don't want work to run my life. Is it possible to have both? (and I don't fly for this "do what you love" business, because one day I think I'd want to be a mother, but still do awesome stuff like design IoT applications or create nice user-friendly GIS apps, and I wouldn't classify the two as one and the same).

Anyway, I guess I will find out one day. Or maybe I won't find out, which could be an answer to my question.

I probably shouldn't worry... God does all things well :)

(end of random musing.)


Calgary is having a hot chocolate contest for the month of February and I have had some tasty hot chocolate :) I didn't take any pictures today but I got to try the Raspberry Delight from Leonidas and it was really good, probably my favourite so far. The intense dark hot chocolate from Lindt was also really good, which I was happy about -- I had high expectations from these two.


Happy 2014, if anyone is out there...

It's been a long time since I've blogged, but I realized (as I was looking back at my blog) that soon the description will not be true -- my last semester is dawning, and I will not be a college kid much longer.

In order to document this crazy journey of being a student (from elementary all the way until now, my fifth and final year of university), I'll try (note the word try...) to update the blog a little more frequently than once every five months.

We'll see what happens :)

To start off, a throwback of sorts... this is extremely embarrassing now that I look at it, but even as a kid I've always been interested in keeping track of my thoughts, I was just never very good at keeping up with keeping track of my thoughts. I somehow managed to dig up an old journal. You can have a snippet of former me, I was weird (in person) and much weirder (on paper). I wrote a lot of poems, which is weird, because I don't do that anymore.

I wrote it on paper so I will do my best to recreate it in the digital world, short of scanning it.

"Mar 7/03

Dear Journal,

AAAH! I'm having a MAJOR panic attack. Ahia got a certificate in the Kiwanis and if I don't... I'm... well.


to add to the other poem...
Always and ever trying to please
Never have I ever been at ease,
Always so stressed, to do this and that
If only to think about where I'm at.

Always frighted, fearing the soon
Thinking and pondering at the rise of the moon
Always so constant in having troubles,
That come, go, and pop like bubbles.

Always can't stand what everyone wants
Under attack by stressing that haunts
Always having expectations to live up to
The coloured mood is always blue.

There. I think I'll call it "Always" (Always(1), Always(2)) etc. I'm so freaked.. I'm gonna go now. CIAO!!


PS Sorry this entry was so short... here's a haiku:
A couple of words
When put together can be
Very sad: Good-bye

Well... bye,

I'm embarrassed to admit that that poem had a lot more crossing out and drawing in new words and stuff. (The first poem.) The reason I'm embarrassed is because I think I was legitimately so fueled to write this poem due to stress about a piano competition (Kiwanis -- well it's technically a music festival, but in my eyes, it was like a competition.) Reality check -- I'm not a pianist. So in the grand scheme of things, it wasn't a big deal. But hey, maybe I should appreciate my younger days, when that was the greatest of my worries.

Who'm I kidding... If I had Kiwanis nowadays, I'd probably be just as stressed.

In other news, that haiku was pretty snazzy.

Til next time (assuming there is a next time.)

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