Being epic

In a generation of entrepreneurial college drop-outs and geniuses, I feel like it's getting harder and harder to be an average joe.

I want to learn stuff and do cool things (I've recently been looking at a lot of Internet of Things related companies, thanks to my 500 project), but I don't want work to run my life. Is it possible to have both? (and I don't fly for this "do what you love" business, because one day I think I'd want to be a mother, but still do awesome stuff like design IoT applications or create nice user-friendly GIS apps, and I wouldn't classify the two as one and the same).

Anyway, I guess I will find out one day. Or maybe I won't find out, which could be an answer to my question.

I probably shouldn't worry... God does all things well :)

(end of random musing.)


Calgary is having a hot chocolate contest for the month of February and I have had some tasty hot chocolate :) I didn't take any pictures today but I got to try the Raspberry Delight from Leonidas and it was really good, probably my favourite so far. The intense dark hot chocolate from Lindt was also really good, which I was happy about -- I had high expectations from these two.
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