I was scouting out the airport that I will be landing in (looks like it very likely will be DUS instead of AMS...) and I was greeted by these pictures of Kamps and Nordsee.

Was it really two years ago that I was in Germany? I don't know if that's a "I-can't-believe-it-was-so-long-ago" or "It-felt-like-ages-ago"... kind of both.

Seeing the familiar stores and signs made my heart beat faster. Is it excitement or nervousness? Probably both.

T-15 days... give or take, since I don't know how to count days like an astronaut.

Also, for the record, I am going to Enschede, The Netherlands.

Not Germany. (At least not to live in Germany.) There seems to be a rather common misconception running amok.

More preparation!

Bits and pieces of preparation work is being finished. It's a relief on the one hand, and a cause for some extra anxiety enjoyment on the other.

As of a couple days ago, I officially got my visa sticker. There was a moment of temporary panic when I read that it expires in January, but I hope that when I get the official visa (which is somehow different than this sticker, and I obviously have no idea how these things work) in the Netherlands, it will show the correct dates. Otherwise... I don't know. We'll see what happens.

That leaves pretty much all the paperwork finished. Funds have been converted, a plug adapter has been obtained... still lacking a laptop but hopefully that will be picked up by the end of this week, as well as a mouse, sleeve and headphones (this trip is becoming quite expensive!).

And then all that is left is cleaning my disaster of a room! And packing, of course... who can forget the packing.

But I'll put it off for a while since there is still an extra occupant in my room. (Really, it's just an excuse, since she offered to roll up her blankets and stuff).


I'm leaving soon.

Well, it isn't that soon.

It is and isn't.

I'm leaving for my sister's graduation and the summer training on the 29th of June. And then I will be back on July 10th.

Only to turn around and leave on July 13th in the afternoon.

Slowly but surely, excitement is getting transformed into nervousness.

I already feel out of touch with so many people, and I fear that it's just going to slip out of my grasp once I leave. I've always disliked the feeling of being excluded, and I assume everyone feels the same way. (Do they? I don't know.)

At the same time, I've been trying to prepare myself for going.

Making goals like...

1. Keeping a regular reading schedule (for both Bible-reading and ministry books. I only read my Bible relatively consistently).
2. Actively learning to speak Dutch, instead of reverting to English all the time (or German, whichever seems more fitting. I know more German now, but I suspect more people will speak Dutch...)
3. Maintaining eye contact when I talk to people. If they're talking to me, I can look them in the eye, but as soon as I start talking, my eyes go all over the place.
4. Learning to exercise my spirit all the time, wherever I am.
5. Functioning in the meetings, regardless of how I'm feeling.
6. Approaching strangers to befriend them. (The other day, I noted that I have scarcely made a friend unless it was either through someone or if they approached me.)
7. Trying not to judge someone based on their appearance of outward demeanour.
8. Getting prostar at foosball.
9. Learning a lot about MEMS IMU, sensor fusion... and all kinds of things... so that I can be an awesome employee. (Somehow I have my doubts.)
10. Travelling around a lot and going churching.

... The list goes on. I think I'm getting too ambitious to try and do this all in one year. Especially since part of it will have to all be in the initial stage, otherwise I will just sink back into my regular habits of letting people approach me and speaking English and such.

As the day draws nearer, I almost don't want to go. I guess I just have to keep reminding myself of why I'm going.

I still want a cool hashtag. Until then, no labels.
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