I was scouting out the airport that I will be landing in (looks like it very likely will be DUS instead of AMS...) and I was greeted by these pictures of Kamps and Nordsee.

Was it really two years ago that I was in Germany? I don't know if that's a "I-can't-believe-it-was-so-long-ago" or "It-felt-like-ages-ago"... kind of both.

Seeing the familiar stores and signs made my heart beat faster. Is it excitement or nervousness? Probably both.

T-15 days... give or take, since I don't know how to count days like an astronaut.

Also, for the record, I am going to Enschede, The Netherlands.

Not Germany. (At least not to live in Germany.) There seems to be a rather common misconception running amok.


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