Trains, plains, and automobiles

At first that was a typo, but then I realized that it was sort of correct -- I didn't ride any planes but I did see some plains... I think.

Anyway, this past weekend I went to go visit my relatives and the saints in Vlaardingen. My relatives came to Holland to visit me... but in the end I had to visit them too because I live in such a random/kind of remote place. There also isn't that much to do here, by my estimation, aside from randomly bike around.

I don't have the energy to write a detailed blog, but we went on a tour to a couple of cities in Belgium for Saturday, which was nice. I'm planning to go again but it was a nice preview and I learned some history, so when I go again I can be more "local" and less tourist-ey, which is usually what I prefer.

Favourite jumping picture on my camera XD, in Antwerp

In the morning we went to the meeting which was very sweet. A sister who I had met in Poland years ago did the translation for me. I don't think she actually remembers me from Poland (we were in the same house but we didn't talk much) but I remembered her name and vaguely remembered her face. Haha... anyway, group picture:

We caught the train in the afternoon and split ways at Rotterdam -- aunt + cousins went to Schiphol (airport) and I went to Enschede. I got back to the station around 6 pm, and then tottered around on my bicycle to get home (I had a rather heavy backpack, since it had a duvet and some sheets in it), my laptop and my purse. No crashing or anything, although I did walk my bike across the intersection and probably looked ridiculous.

After I got home, I unpacked a bit quickly and then checked to see what kind of groceries I might pick up for this next week. Went to the store with a shopping bag that I now realize is puny, bought some stuff, came home and realized that I should take a picture of my bike, so I did:

Once I got home I saw that there was also a request to see the bike, so ta-dah! Unfortunately that back thing supposedly takes a max of 15kg... I'd like to let someone ride on it, lol. Then again, I can barely take the extra weight of a backpack; I don't know what I'd do with a person.

Also, biking with hardly any weight (no backpack, no laptop) feels great. 

Oh yeah... automobiles. Everyone drives standard so well here, it makes me want to practice.


Cindy said...

Nice bike! And love the jumping picture too

Mommy said...

I agree with Cindy, nice bike! Wouldn't mind giving it a try when we go visit you

Joyce said...

Yay! The bike! That's a small person bike? I can't imagine the ones for tall people!?

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