Biking hurts the bottom

Like sitting on it for a long time. Not the most comfortable.

But it's definitely way better than walking to work -- walking took about 1 hour and 15 minutes, biking took about 25 minutes (and I am a slow biker).

Today was pretty chill and uneventful. Work was a lot like it was at home, actually. I had this de ja vu moment, because the work I'm doing is similar to what I did last summer (so far, anyway). I feel like I'm using more brainpower though, because I was suuuuper hungry at lunch and almost all afternoon, haha.

On the way back I tried to take a new route and got lost because it was through a forested park area.. A nice lady helped me out though, which was nice. So far all the Dutch people I've met have been nice, kind of like all the German people I met two years ago... Either these stereotypes are wrong or the Lord is just taking care of me. (Well, definitely the latter, but probably both XD).

I bought some groceries... again. Due to a combination of me being by myself, and carrying things in a small backpack while biking, and already having food, etc. etc.... each time I go to get groceries, I end up buying less than 20 euro worth. In fact, more likely less than 10 euros. Also, due to a lack of knowledge of Dutch, I rely on pictures heavily and realize later that it's not necessarily what it looks like. The yogurt that I bought yesterday turned out to be "cottage cheese with yogurt and cream".

It's pretty good ^^;

And I'm not really learning prices at all. Everything seems cheap cause it's in euros... So much for life skills! (I suppose it's only Day..4? XD)

Time to sit on the couch.


Cindy said...

I want to see this bike of yours

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