Deep fry

I want to write something longer for my past weekend trip (which involved a lot of eating, hooray!) so that will probably have to wait until tomorrow. Until then, a short update!

Today I finally gave in to making something for dinner that was not any of the following:
1. Smoked salmon and crackers
2. Sandwich (okay, I don't think I've had a sandwich for dinner yet actually)
3. Pasta
4. Tomatoes and crackers
5. Soup

I saw some beautiful kroketten at the supermarket:

Almost like this, only in a box, and frozen.

For anyone who doesn't know, kroketten is just plural for kroket, and a kroket is basically... a stick of deep-fried goodness. In my opinion, anyway. I'm sure others will beg to differ, since it just oozes of unhealthiness, but it's seriously so good. In Japan, their croquettes are filled with mashed potato-ey -type goodness, but here, they have all kinds. I've had one with some kind of chicken pie-type filling... and one with something that I don't know, but it was good.... and so today, I bought sate kroketten!

Then I realized when I got home that I don't have a wok, or anything remotely deep enough to fry this thing. And I also only had expensive oil (thankfully, I wasn't the one who bought it, but still...)

So me, being the genius that I am... decided to try to fry it anyway. It turned out to be an edible and slightly smoky disaster.

The first one that I fried was able to cook well enough, but when I took it off the the pan, it turned out that it hadn't been cooked thoroughly (perhaps because I was just rolling it around in oil at first, then I realized that I could tilt the pan to make it "deeper"). I decided I'd just finish cooking it in the microwave. The second one I opted to microwave first, so that it would cook in the oil faster. So I microwaved both at the same time -- genius, right?

The second one broke when I fried it afterwards. Go figure.

Top: fried then microwaved
Bottom: microwaved then fried

Conclusion: Microwaves are great, I miss paper towels (that paper is toilet paper...) and not knowing how to fry things makes it even unhealthier. But kroketten are still delicious. 


Cindy said...

Looks yummy. The smoked salmon and crackers also sound good haha

Joyce said...

I thought the smoked salmon and crackers sound good too. Part of the deep fry experience does involved "uncookedness" though :)

Koa said...

Maybe try filling a pot half full with oil and deep fry in the pot. Any size of pot would work I think

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