Bonus: The Dutch and the Bicycle

As many know, it is very common in Dutch to ride a bicycle. In fact, the country has more bicycles than people. In my morning commute, I probably see at least 20-30 cyclists and probably 1-2 pedestrians at most. (People drive, too, but not as much as in Calgary. I don't even think there's a "rush hour" for cars.)

Because of this, people are also very adept with bicycles. It's pretty common to see a mother or father, cycling with their children in tow (either in the front or on the back). Many bicycles have bags on the back, or baskets on the front, for carrying all kinds of things. I usually will see at least one dude riding hands-free, or someone texting on their phone as they ride to school. Women manage to cycle with three-inch heels, and everyone rides their bike higher than I did back at home, which makes stopping quite the balancing act (which everyone can obviously do with ease.)

I was inspired to write this post because my supervisor let me borrow his wife's old bike when I first came. Unfortunately, it was much too tall for me to handle (given my non-Dutch heritage and my lack of balance), and I opted to get my own as soon as I could. I told him that he could pick it up whenever he wanted to, so he came by last night (just when I got back from playing ultimate, which was really good timing).

He came by bicycle, and it was just him. I got the bike, and the lock (which he ended up letting me keep for now, even though I'm so inept that I can't even use a bicycle lock, but that is a completely different story...) and then gave it to him. Then, seeing as he had his own bike, plus this other bike, both of which were the same rather large size, I asked "do you need any help?"

His reply? "I'm Dutch, I can ride with two bicycles."

So I just watched as he hopped on his own bike, released the kick stand of the other bike and took it by its handles, then cycled off as if riding tandem with some invisible person, into the sunset.

Well actually it was away from the sunset, but you get my point. These people are crazy.

I hope I can be that talented one day too.

Edit: For clarity, I meant side-by-side kind of tandem. (I realized that tandem bicycles are front-back).


Anonymous said...

Hey kdee. You should find a job as a blogger. You're pretty good at it!! Did you take a picture of your boss with the 2 bikes?

k'dee said...

Hey Anonymous,
Thanks! Just wondering, who is this?

And unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, otherwise I would've :)

mandy said...

"I'm Dutch. I'm pro."
hahaha. miss you!

Anonymous said...

I'm the one you told to comment with "anonymous" when I asked you re: userids

Erika said...

Aaaaah your blog is awesome! I'm glad I found it. P.S. your laundry story was hilarious. Good for you for meeting people and talking to people and such though! I'd definitely have a hard time with the language barrier and such. Keep blogging so I can read about how awesome your life is!

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