#9: Tea Time

It's Daddy's Day today! Happy Father's Day!

We went out for dinner, because I am not pro enough to cook. Although I'm starting to think (after the suggestion made by my friend) I should start learning how to cook -- not only is it a more useful skill than baking, but it would open up a huge wealth of things to learn.

Anyway, we went to Tea Time in Panorama Hills. After being introduced by my friend (another random unrelated point: to use names or not? First names only, of course... Or maybe I should follow the initial route) to this place, I've been back three times in the span of a month. I think this is somewhat remarkable, because I wouldn't say it was amazing. In fact, I'm not even really sure why I've been going so much, but anyway, it's good.

After ordering, the wait was long and staggered. I suppose we would consider this minus points for service, but it's kind of a family-owned, severely under-staffed deal, so I will cut them some slack.

First up... bubble tea!
Man, how can you say no to covers like that. My brother's (the turtle) was especially win. His flavour, pina colada, was also quite good. I got green apple green tea, a classic that I became kind of addicted to because of my friend (the same one who introduced me to this place to begin with; I should start identifying people eh? So.. vote: first names or initials? i.e. how do you want your identity revealed? or not revealed...)

As usual, hit and miss pearls (I felt like today was more of a miss, but that's because I like my pearls really squishy.) But the tea was good, as usual.

The next dish to come was a small bowl of wonton soup. Not too bad, but nothing extraordinary in my opinion.

Did I mention that they were all staggered? Cause they were. After a couple minutes with the sole bowl of wonton, my grandma's food came.

I believe that is unagi. It was also somewhat "petite" but doesn't it look pretty? Goodness, I love colourful food.

Mine was up next and I actually remembered to photograph it before messing it up! Ironically, it would have looked the same even if I did mess it up. Haha.

I think it was minced pork fried rice. Seriously huge. Easily can feed two people, which would make your money more worth it. (Two people who are me-sized appetite... not like... crazy hungry.)

Next up was the fried chicken (at least I think that's what it was). This was the main reason we came, because someone had mentioned that it was good. I would definitely agree -- next time I come, I think that is what I would get (or something related).

They also served it with kimchi-looking stuff. I thought that was kind of random, since I was under the impression that kimchi is Korean and that this place was supposed to be Taiwanese food. Anyone want to offer thoughts on this...?

My brother had beef stew and rice. It reminded me of this soup at Pebble Street near the T&T in the NE...

It was tasty. It also had kimchi on the side.

I'd like to mention that I love the fact they serve corn with their food. Corn is one of those amazing foods that anyone who doesn't like it must be crazy. (Here is where I would start singing the "don't you love corn" song from Backyardigans, but my sister isn't around...)

My dad had soup, which he was somewhat underwhelmed by. This is kind of unfortunate, seeing as it was Father's Day...

The green tea noodles were interesting, but when compared to things like ramen, udon, soba and pho (all of which I love...) it pales in comparison.

At least my grandpa's food looked like it was good. (Not sure if it was because I don't think he answered me when I asked...)

And the last dish (which took a long time; the first one was finished by the time it came) was less than impressive as well. Which was disappointing, cause it looked really good. I'm always interested in a good satay.

The final verdict is... they need more staff. Haha. But in general it's pretty nice -- not too busy, decent food, granite tables.

Of course, on the flip side, I really like trying new things. So maybe I won't go back for a while (unless someone else brings me there.)


mandy said...

I lubs you. and corn. bahahahahahaha. And yes, I'm singing in my head right now. Sending a scripture song your way from my teammate that makes me bop my head and do silly things during Spirit exam.

Irene said...

Looks so good... now I'm feeling hungry at a very inconvenient hour haha.
About the kimchi-- though it originated from Korea, I think it might be somewhat common around Asia (like noodles and rice and curry). My mom has loved to eat kimchi for as long as I can remember, and she definitely hasn't been to Korea, nor is she interested in Korean things. xD
She called it "sour vegetables" in Chinese.

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