#3: Taiyo

I was considering using a different blog engine for this blog and relocating (since I'm really only at one post) but I decided that I couldn't betray blogger. A familiar interface, full of ridiculous memories...

I've fallen behind, so if I can manage it, this will be a pseudo update.


It was my parents' anniversary a few days ago, so we went out to eat at Taiyo.

This is a small-ish Japanese restaurant on Symons Valley up here in the NW. [ Did I mention how saddening it is that it seems most good restaurants are on the East side? Cause it is. But I will save the rant for a rainy day, or something. ]

My dad thought we were going for Thai food. Haha.

Anyway, they ordered some salmon sashimi:

Classic. Salmon sashimi is my personal favourite, because I basically don't eat any other kind of sashimi. This was pretty good, but price-wise, we get a better deal for sashimi with our friend.

Manang and Joel both had ramen. Or "ramen" -- as I've come to learn, most places that give you ramen are not really serving real Japanese ramen. It's noodle soup. Good noodle soup, sure, but noodle soup nonetheless. The most authentic that we've found so far is at Muku on 14th street.

But anyway, real ramen is usually pork and they got beef and chicken respectively:

Only a little bit ironic. It looks pretty though. And I tried a little bit and it was still tasty, just not authentic.

My parents also ordered steak to share. I think it was steak. I didn't try any, but you can look at its prettiness:

And my brother, ever since he came back from Japan, has been looking for a good katsu here in Calgary. I think, more specifically, he's looking for tonkatsu (breaded pork). Really good and definitely a classic in Japan... but this was not like it at all:

Some disappointment. Again, not bad-tasting, but sort of disappointing.

My parents also shared some salmon belly. I don't think I ate any of this either... but here it is:

So. As usual, I got too excited when my food came and I started mixing it up before taking a picture.


... For some reason, every time I upload it, it comes out sideways. I can't really figure out how to rotate it either, so you can tilt your head =).

Not sure how "authentic" mine was, but I was happy. It was nice and tasty. It's called oyakodon, which I think might translate to parent-child, because it's basically a rice bowl (don) with chicken and egg.

I'm not sure if it sounds morbid to be eating a parent and child but it was yummy.

Afterwards, we went to the somewhat-recently-opened Ten Ren in Panorama Hills. But I have no pictures to show for that. Bubble tea is decent, pearls are hit and miss (I suspect the lack of traffic leads to lack of freshness). It generally seems to be a one or two man show there, but they're doing decently given the lack of staff.

And I love anything that is in the NW, because there isn't much.


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