#7: Overeasy ( and then some )

Well, ...

Why is there no strikethrough button? I wanted to write -that was- overeasy.

But now it just looks lame. Anyway, sorry. Bear with me.

So yesterday brought new and old food adventures.

After doing some exercise (which was novel in and of itself, for the record) I went with my friend to have breakfast at Overeasy.

Let me start off by saying that I am a huge fan of their decor. I thought it was really cute and colourful, but in a tasteful way. Maybe I have no eye for design (actually it's true, I don't) but it was rather happifying and adorable.

Anyway, as usual, I was having a difficult time deciding what to eat. I almost always do. And so, as I almost always do, I asked our server for her suggestions.

Almost every time I ask someone for suggestions, they ask me what I'm looking for. I can understand why they would ask that, but I must be honest -- if I knew what I was looking for, I most likely wouldn't be asking for a suggestion. When I ask for a suggestion, I want their opinion from scratch. Like what their favourite thing to order is.

So I tried to provide some direction (savoury or sweet? savoury, because as you'll see later, we made another side trip before going to school) but after that I just let her suggest a number of things.

I decided I would try "It's a Soul in a Bowl", which was basically a breakfast-style poutine. I should add here that I've never had a legit, Montreal-style poutine, so I have nothing to really compare it to. (I would not count NY Fries or A&W poutines as any grounds to compare).

I'm not sure if this looks impressive to you -- it's not particularly large-looking, nor is it that "pretty". But it was ridiculously tasty and unbelievably filling.

My dining buddy had Mount Royal Glee, which is described as follows:

Three poached eggs over a warm caramelized onion & thyme tartlet, bacon lardons, sauce Hollandaise, vegetarian caviar.

I just realized, that's what the weird blue-black dots were: vegetarian caviar. I have no idea what that really is, but I am laughing right now. (We had no idea what it was.)

Anyway, both were quite tasty and surprisingly filling (I suspect mine more so than my friend's). So full of happiness and win.

My brother was suggesting that I start rating restaurants, but I don't feel like I'm pro enough to be doing that yet. We'll see what happens in the future, I suppose.

Also, I'm starting to wonder if I should be trying to pull out the pseudo-Asian-ness in ninja-ing food bills. I'm perfectly fine with KKB-ing (KKB stands for something in Tagalog which essentially means everyone pays for themselves) but if needed, sneakiness might be in order.

So after breakfast, we dropped by Jelly Modern because it was Tuesday and Tuesday is the day with both PB&J (what I wanted to try) and Red Velvet (what my friend wanted to try). By this time I was still very full, so I just carried donuts around with me until lunchtime rolled around.

They don't look very pretty, but they were also good. My friend pointed out that the peanut butter tasted a little bit like sesame. I'm not sure if it was just the power of suggestion, but it kind of did.

At any rate, it was still tasty, and I think I have (for the most part) satisfied my doughnut cravings. I'll save the strawberry shortcake and carrot cake for other days, further into the future.

In the evening we also went to Peking Garden (ridiculous, I know, but unplanned on my part...). This is a long-standing classic with my family, so it deserve a blog -- but I forgot my camera.

So we'll have to wait for another day.

Extra note:
Thanks for the feedback on the baking! ^^ And feel free to leave comments, makes it less lonely around here.


Lilaznkutey said...

YAAAYY, commentable.
i love overeasy! (:

E. Schmidt said...

Where did all these awesome restaurants in Calgary come from?? I feel like I'm missing out :(

P.S. Real poutine is delicious but also reaaaaally filling.

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