#4: Chili Club Thai House (17th Ave)

I have been wanting to go to Chili Club for a while now. I really like Thai food, and it's quite highly ranked on Urbanspoon.

My brother graduated a couple days ago (yeah, some important-like events going down this week) so we went out for dinner... again. Haha. We were originally going to go for Mediterranean but it didn't end up happening (reservation wasn't available until 7:30), so we went here instead (where we got a reservation at 7:15. I know, it doesn't make sense.)

The lighting was dark, so I apologize for the poor pictures.

My dad saw some people at another table with lettuce and we thought it looked good, so we decided to order it. Turns out it was an appetizer. I really liked it, but the filling was extremely runny and I wasn't sure how we were supposed to eat it. My hands ended up really messy, but it was worth it.

(the lettuce was originally in that basket. as usual, I took pictures late...)

We did it... family style.. or Chinese restaurant style... or whatever it is called when you order a bunch of dishes and everyone shares.

The next few to come out were the curries. They were kind of amazing. I would go back for the curry alone. If I was rich. Or there was a special occasion. (Not the cheapest restaurant on the block.)

The massaman beef curry was amazing. I have never had this before but I would most definitely get it again.

The yellow chicken curry was also good. (They even have pretty carrot flowers ^^).

In case you didn't notice, those bowls are not very big. And if I remember correctly, each is around $15, so it's kind of steep -- but the curry was so tasty that I would still get it.

Which is pretty good considering how cheap I tend to be.

Thai food is never complete without pad thai. Although I was not a huge fan before, pad thai has definitely grown on me, to the point where I will crave it occasionally. This was kind of one of those times.

The pad thai was a fairly generous portion (compared to the curry, anyway). But I would say that it wasn't as good in quality, so in the end, they evened out. It was a little spicy, which I really liked.

There was also a Chili Club special of some sort. To be totally honest, I don't even remember what it tasted like, so it wasn't that memorable.

Maybe it's because it wasn't spicy. Haha.

We also had some green curry fried rice. It didn't look very curry-ey to me, so I was slightly disappointed. But then I tried it, and it was spicier than the rest which made me kind of happy. Added a slightly larger variety.

But I would still take the other two curry dishes over this one.

There was some other stuff I think, but nothing especially noteworthy.

At the end of the meal, I was anticipating dessert. There was no clear dessert menu, but I had read reviews online about the "free ice cream" being a "nice touch". And then I watched other tables get served bowls at the end of their meals. So there was a lot of anticipation (no "pleasant surprises" here... I would've been extremely disappointed if we did not get our ice cream, haha.)

Then we did. And it was so, so good. Some nice fruits and really good coconut ice cream. Coming from someone who is not a huge fan of coconut ice cream, that is saying something.

I would go again, just for the curry and the ice cream. But it would probably have to be a nice occasion.


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