#2: Broken Plate - Kensington

So the first food adventure brought us to Broken Plate in Kensington.

This was actually not on purpose at all. Yesterday was my good friend Irene's birthday (happy belated birthday Irene!!) and she wanted to try Ethiopian food. I, as per usual, am always interested in trying new things, so we decided we would check out Marathon Ethiopian Restaurant (also in Kensington).

But it was closed. And they had no signs for hours, either. Not the best first impression (but I would still give it a shot).

There's another Ethiopian restaurant in Kensington called Blue Nile, but it was also closed. We were starting to wonder if June 4th was some kind of holiday in Ethiopia...

Anyway, neither of us had been to Broken Plate, so we decided to give Greek food a try.

A forewarning: I am not, in any way, a food critic. I am a food-enjoyer. It is rare that I find food that I don't enjoy. So if you are looking for a critical eye (or palate) then you should probably go elsewhere.

It was pretty quiet - just a few tables of predominantly female customers (as Irene pointed out to me -- I thought it was kind of funny.) We perused the menu and then asked our server for her recommendations.

I would like to point out that I usually do not photograph my food, nor do I keep track of names of dishes. I will try to get better at it, but for now, we're going to go off my unreliable memory.

She said her favourites were the "swords" (which were called sklara? or.. something like that. Skewers, basically) and the Mediterranean chicken wrap, so Irene and I ordered those two dishes, not respectively.

As I mentioned earlier, I don't usually photograph my food. So I forgot until I had already eaten some of it.


It almost looks whole. Almost.

I ordered prawn. Which is extremely uncharacteristic for me; I like prawn but I tend to cheap out at restaurants. Somewhat ironically I think it was the least enjoyable part of my dish. It was still good, but the rice, pita, tzatziki and salad were all slightly better.

As we were eating, I decided Broken Plate is basically Opa! dressed up in more seasoning, fancier plating and higher prices.

Irene's food

Irene generously shared some her food with me so I could try (don't worry, we traded...) and again, it was all quite good. The fries, like Opa fries, were pretty tasty. They were nicely seasoned, and went well with my tzatziki sauce. Actually, I think they one-upped the Opa fries because they were crispy (sometimes Opa fries get soggy, especially when they are swimming in sauce.)

Anyway, the more important and more enjoyable thing was getting to spend with my dear friend. After the meal, we rearranged some rice that was left on the table.

It's nice to know we are getting older and more mature together. =)


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