#8: Puffed Wheat Remake

Just a short update. Once my course is over, I'll hopefully bake something celebratory. (Usually I bake slightly more involved things than puffed wheat squares, as delicious as they are.)

So thanks to some advice from some lovely friends, I redid the puffed wheat squares. Made sure to take it off the heat sooner, and only subbed part of the vanilla extract. (I couldn't let the almond extract go cause I loved the taste too much.) I was also slightly on the generous side on the butter.

You probably can't tell the difference from the picture, but those who tasted it know that it was much softer.

Mm, sticky, chewy goodness.

Also, because I suspect some of the audience are foodie-types, any suggestions for either places to go or things to try baking? (I can only bake, not cook.)

Danke.. in advance =)


E. Schmidt said...

Yum! Glad it worked :). Aww I was going to say you should try cooking, but you only bake?? Oooh okay bake pizza! That's sort of like both cooking and baking.

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