Quatre! Or cuatro...?

I can't spell in different languages, forgive me. It was supposed to be French, then Spanish... and I refuse to look it up. Haha.

The final installment :)

Spent less than a day in Valencia (arrived around noon and left around midnight on a night bus) and just visited the Ciudad l'Arts .. and.. sciences... haha I forgot the Spanish again, but it's basically the City of Arts and Sciences and I absolutely loved the architecture. I think I like modern stuff more than old stuff, personally.

So you'll see a lot of shots of the buildings. I think it's made up of.. 5 different buildings? And it spans like... 7 blocks. There are multiple bus stops for the same place.

Looks like a whale!

So there are three main components to the Ciudad... one of them is Europe's (supposed) largest aquarium. I wasn't actually SUPER impressed with the aquarium itself, although it was still nice... but my favourite part was the dolphin show :).

Power ranger headquarters! I think this was actually the planetarium. Didn't have time to go in...

Too busy frolicking here, in the Science museum :)

View of the grounds at night

Then after the short stop in Valencia.... it was off to Barcelona!

Nice architecture... but is this Gaudi's? ... I actually can't remember...

But I know this one definitely is! And look at that line-up.... Didn't go inside =P haha. 

More Gaudi!

The famous Gaudi Sagrada Familia which is never finished. This side looks better than the other side.

Why hello there, beach in December...

And Olympic stadium...

I feel like Michael Jordan's footprint was not as big as I thought it would be. I wonder if it was for real...

View of Barcelona... looking down at a fountain (it's hiding behind those four pillars).

A different Plaza de Espana, taken from the top of a bull-fighting-ring-turned-shopping-mall.

Said bull-fighting-ring-turned-shopping-mall from the outside at night.

Previously mentioned fountain but from the other side. It lights up at night!

Fake Arc de Triomphe in Barcelona...

 And that's all, folks! Tune in next time for... maybe randomness about living with other students, which I had never experienced until now. :)


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