Deel drie (Part 3)

I think this was in Seville (or Sevilla... I'm not sure which is the English name and which is the Spanish name). I know Spain is all about the Gaudi architecture in Barcelona (you'll get that coming in part quatre) but there was some pretty cool modern architecture all over the place.

This one is for Zoe. XD

This is the Alcazar in Seville. I believe it is a UNESCO site, and it has very interesting architecture.

Also in the Alcazar. I think this is called the Mercury Pool?

Plaza de Espana in Seville... beautiful day, beautiful plaza.

There was a mini Atomium in Seville!! 
I saw the real deal in Brussels in August.

This one is for Erika -- in Granada, I went on a segway tour. And yes, I enjoyed it. Segways are pretty sick :)

One of my favourite places on the whole journey was this viewpoint in Granada. Beautiful day, mountains in the background, a UNESCO world heritage site on the hill (the Alhambra), forests and what looked like a castle on the left...
Too bad it was over run with tourists...

Black paella.
Looks delicious right? ;)

I must admit, I'm not a huge seafood fan. This was good for the first half... and then I stopped eating.

Thank you to those who are still reading this =)
One more post will come later for the rest of Spain (Valencia and Barcelona).


JP said...

Brave girl! hahaha... I donno if I'd even venture to taste a few of the things you've tasted - but then again, when I was in Japan I tried basically anything! Also... some of your pictures have turned out absolutely amazing. Makes me jealous :P Make sure you save a place or two to visit for if(when) I come! It'd be sad if you already finished visiting everywhere by the time I get there x.x

E. Schmidt said...

When I rode a segway I started dreaming up if I had my own, and how I could take it to class and pick up groceries on it.

And then I realized how incredibly dorky I would look if I did that daily. *Sigh* if only segways were a more socially acceptable form of transportation.

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