Adventures! - Part 1: Morocco

Hi everyone :) I apologize for the extreme delay in updating, it is mostly due to laziness.

And now, some long-awaited pictures! I will just caption (at the bottom) as needed :)

This was my first-ever Ryanair flight, I believe. Mostly been easyJet-ting around, with some Eurolines-ing in between.

Legit couscous in MOROCCO!

The market in Marrakesh was insane. Insanely busy, bright, noisy.... and cheap!


This is... something famous. It's a UNESCO site, and lots of movies and such have been filmed here (e.g. Prince of Persia, Indiana Jones, part of Game of Thrones, etc....)
According to Google, I think it's a "Ksar". But during the tour, I think the dude called it a Kasbah...

Tour guide taught me how to tie a scarf for the desert!

Obligatory camel ride picture. (I didn't get a good shot of the shadows though, sadly).

Nothing like riding a camel in the desert during sunset right?

And staying in a "Berber" tent for a night.... I am such a first-world kid, I could only take the lack of running water for one night.

The Marrakesh airport is really pretty.


Tune in next time for... Spain!
And yes, I will try to make next time not a month later. =P Sorry.


E. Schmidt said...

This makes me want to go to Morocco :)

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