Part deux (or dos, rather)

In Espana!

Yay Spanish tapas!

Spanish ham from a market!

Obligatory sangria, not the best drink when you're not feeling 100% though 

The symbol of Madrid -- they even have it on their survey monuments.

FREE tapas (which was remarkably scarce, considering I had heard that there is free tapas everywhere.. then again, I don't go for JUST drinks.... almost ever. And if I do, it's usually (read, basically never) for alcoholic ones.)

A Spanish-style castle that I did not enter because I have seen too many castles.

This is for my sister. I saw Pocoyo in a store window! 

Cute stack of pigs :)

You probably can't tell, but the lights on the street were blinking.

In Cordoba at sunrise :)

Famous mosque in Cordoba that I was not overly impressed with. But entrance before 9:30 was free, so hurray!

There was froyo EVERYWHERE in Spain so I couldn't resist.

Tune in next time for part... drie.

Post script:
This may sound a little bit selfish, but one of my main motivations to post was the comment left by my grandmother (thanks Ama!!) so... if you keep up with this, then leave me a comment! Otherwise... it feels like there's no point in posting. Even just once in a while is nice =P doesn't have to be every post.
(end selfish note).

ttfn =)


earleebird said...

that froyo looks SO GOOD.

E. Schmidt said...

I read your blog! Please keep posting :). By the way, I'm going to be in Europe in May! Unfortunately I won't be in the Netherlands (we were thinking of going but it wouldn't work out) however I will be in Belgium! If you're at all around the area at that time let me know!

mandy said...

mwahaha. most adorable little boy ever. i can just imagine him rolling from his head to his feet. bahahaha.

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