Blitz... the Dutch way.

There's this game that I used to play at home called Dutch Blitz. It's one of those "speed"-type card games where you try to get rid of your cards as fast as you can.

This beautiful picture that I stole from this fine website thanks to Google...

Well, the other day, my flatmate asked me if I wanted to play a game with her. With all of the free time I have (no sarcasm here, no school = quite a bit of freedom, aside from work hours) I happily agreed.

So we decided to play Ligretto.

Taken from these nice folks here, again courtesy of Google image search...

As she described it to me briefly, I told her that it sounded like another game I had played before. And sure enough, after I read the instructions, I played a few games of the original Dutch Blitz which is actually a German game called Ligretto. To pile on the awesomeness, I was playing with a Dutch girl who got it as a present from our German flatmate. 

And the word Blitz is originally German anyway.

( There was also a confusing but interesting variation that we tried... Maybe it will be confusing enough to stop all those crazy Belizeans who are too good at the game... XD )


E. Schmidt said...

How are your housemates? Details!

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