I'm not sure why this is the case, but I have acquired a lot of bug bites here. I don't know if they are bed bugs or mosquitoes or spiders or what, but my arms and legs and feet have a number of red bumps, or dark scars from previous bites. Not sure if I get bitten this much at home, except for maybe that weekend in Camp Evergreen.

Anyway, last night I managed to acquire four of them, one of which is extremely annoying and has partially motivated me to write this post.

(It got big and I was so sure I didn't scratch it!!)

The other part which motivated me is this little guy:

Well, that looks harmless, you might think. It looks like a little spot of blood, is what I think. I got this while playing frisbee tonight, and the first time something like this happened, I thought that it was a scratch from a blade of grass. (I've gotten a cut from grass before, oddly enough while playing frisbee too... seems like most of my injuries come from the sport. Then again, I don't play many other sports, which is probably why.) 

Anyway, I deduced that it was not from grass but rather from a bug. I'm not sure how I came to this conclusion the first time, but the second time (i.e. today) I am quite sure I saw it and I swatted it away. 

In fact, while writing this post, I started feeling itchy a bit higher up on my calf, and I discovered a second blood dot. So I think I got bitten twice.

I'm moderately apprehensive about the whole thing, only because last time, this is what happened:

It got kind of bruised, and later after walking a lot, it got quite swollen and irritated. I ended up buying medicine which, according to Google translate, is for "pain and itching from insect stabbing".

This time, I won't scratch them. I hope.

And next time, or some time, I need to write a post about scootmobiels...


mommy said...

k'dee, that's horrible! is it simmering down at all?

EYu said...

Kdee. Wash all your sheets and covers. Can be bed bugs. Keep an eye on it. If more bites come up, you may need some kind of bed bug exterminator come. This also happened in London. Not our house but some saints house.

Nao said...

Are you getting the bites while you're outside? I looked up some things and it's possible they might be chiggers. Probably not bed bugs unless you have three bites in a row. A quick test you can try is push down on your mattress and look and see if there are bugs crawling out when that happens.

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