Still in search for a cool hashtag :(

But until then, I will post some random assorted pictures from the past few weeks that I haven't been blogging, with short captions because I probably don't have enough energy to write cool stories.

400(ish) steps? Let's do it.

A rewarding view, taken by a nice French man who pretended to pocket my camera before taking the picture.

Liege waffle in Liege!

Another Liege specialty - meatballs with apple and pear sauce, served with fries. Good, but not as amazing as I thought it was going to be, given how amazing it sounded.

Caving in Maastricht.
Just kidding, it was a tour of these caves that were used during the war. 
Apparently, around 10 years ago or so, two young boys had slipped through into the caves (there's only one entrance for regular-sized people) and didn't tell anyone where they had been going. Without a guide, it's literally pitch dark in there. When they found one of the boys a few weeks later, his fingertips were gone because the only way you can get around is by feeling the wall.
Our tour guide left for a bit so that we could experience "total darkness" and I can tell you that I am so happy that God is light.

Key lime pie at ONS in Enschede, which placed 2nd at Proef Eet (like taste of Calgary) last year, I think. For new restaurants. Or something like that. Proef Eet is next week so I'm going to check it out :). Ironically, I've never been to Taste of Calgary...

Giethoorn is the "Venice of the North"... of Holland, anyway. Not allowed to drive cars into the village and it's popular to go around by boat.

These people keep beautiful gardens.

Canadese kano's for rent! Haha.

"Rijstafel"... yes, this is at a Chinese restaurant. It's actually probably the closest restaurant to where I live; a mere 5 minute walk. 


Cindy said...

yay for pictures =) and haha @ the chinese restaurant

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