I haven't written in a while because things have been busy and I've had to take care of a few things (read: people) the past week and a half, roughly. Well, it was also the other way around, because I had to be taken care of... which is what this post will be about. Hopefully I have another time where I'll have enough energy to write about my trips.


After doing a bunch of things, I've lost the energy/motivation to blog... I finalllly got my internet banking going (only to find out that I have spent quite some money since acquiring a debit card XD) and I had to book some flights and things.

Now I just feel kind of generally exhausted...

Probably because I am sick, which is what I wanted to blog about actually. Being sick, getting sick, and being reminded how... when one member suffers... all the other members suffer with it.

Okay, apologies to anyone reading this... you'll have to wait another day or two.

But in case you were wondering, I can now add Liege, Maastricht, Giethoorn and Spakenburg as places I've been to. They probably just sounds foreign to you, though. Haha.


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