The world is getting smaller

This past weekend I went to visit Dusseldorf. I didn't do much sightseeing; it was basically just hanging out but it was nice. The sister that I know had recently moved to an apartment with another sister, and they were in the midst of building their kitchen, so I went with them to the hardware store and got to feel like a local. It was kinda surreal, like being in Rona except everything is in German. I imagined what it would be like if I were in this position, maybe five years down the road or something... in a foreign country, having bought my first house. Kind of strange to imagine. (Not saying that that is where I will be in five years, but you never know, right?)

Anyway, lately I have been overeating a lot (haha, okay so not just "lately") and I had some of the most amazing food when I was in Dusseldorf. The post title has some relevance -- I didn't really have much German food at all. I had African food, cooked by a very energetic and friendly African sister, and I also went out for Japanese noodles after the meeting on Lord's day. Well worth the trip. (Dusseldorf has a huge Japanese community... relatively huge, anyway.)

View from their apartment on the 5th floor. Which is the 6th floor by North American standards. With no elevator. You can imagine how much work moving in must've been...

The feast prepared by the sister :) From left to right, there is salad, cocoyam fufu with (what I thought tasted like lamb, but it might have been beef), plantain (?) fufu with chicken, okra, and then covered up there is some spinach+fish sauce which goes with plantain, and rice (with the soup spoon) and chicken (covered by foil).

Eat your food... the African way :). This was one of my favourites - the chicken soup stuff was a tasteful spicy, and the fufu was so much fun to eat. Kind of like a combo of sticky rice/mashed potatoes (in terms of texture).

Plantain with spinach and fish.

Rice with chicken

They're all separate because you shouldn't mix up the flavours ;)

And then, the next day...

Curry ramen :) egg and extra veggies are free! I think if I ever need my fill on Japanese food, I'll go to Dusseldorf, haha. Perhaps a rather expensive bowl of ramen, but so good.

Random note: when a German train starts moving, it's so smooth that you can barely tell. If only I could achieve a start like that in my car.
But seriously... so trippy.


E Yu said...

Cool beans! Did you forget to take the food pics till you were almost done eating? Did you meet Hannah Titchener? Glad to see you went to meet the saints there...We are now moved in but kids have no beds yet. Zoe's looking for a loft bed.

k'dee said...

I did meet her :) And... I remembered part way through, haha.

mommy said...

The ramen reminds me of Muku...eggs are free, that's a bonus.

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