Snippet-like updates

Sheets are washed, but they're not bed bugs... I know this because I saw them bite me and I swatted them away. While I was on the field...

My phone magically started working again! Hooray! I knew you could do it, little blackberry =)
No, I didn't, I genuinely thought it was kaputt and it was time to conform...

Car rides make me sleepy. Especially long ones that are kind of warm.

I like fresh laundry.

Two-day work week coming up!!! Happy days.

Also spent way too much money on food at Proef-Eet in Enschede. But it was lekker :)


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The thoughts and experiences of a college kid on faith, love and life in pursuit of Christ, the loveliest One, while enjoying misadventures and quests for food, which so happen to take her around the world.
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