One free hour of wifi at Schiphol Airport (in Amsterdam, in case you didn't know) and I shall use it to... blog! Haha.

I actually came up with several topics to blog about the other day but alas, I actually have forgotten all of them. Kind of disappointing.

Anyway, just an update of where I'm at...

currently waiting for my EasyJet flight from Amsterdam to London Stansted
going to be in London for a Bible distribution during the Paralympic Games!
followed by a visit from my parental units on zaterdag (Saturday)

And I worked 2 days this week...
going to work 3 days the next...
and another 3 the following...

Mm, this really is a working holiday after all =)

Speaking of which, the passport control guy asked me if I had a stay permit for Holland, and I said no because I thought he was talking about a residence card which I still haven't gotten approved for. But it turns out he was talking about the stamps in my passport, which he obviously saw and knew were there. It was like a test to see if I knew what they were, and I failed. If I remember correctly, he said something like, "it's very strange that you don't know if you have a stay permit or not." Well, to me it seemed strange that he didn't know what a stay permit looked like! Anyway, now I know... if any passport control person asks if I have a permit for Holland, I'm just going to say yes. And hope that I don't get in trouble.

At the end, we parted in a way akin to the following:

He asked, "are you a student?"

I replied, "I'm doing an internship."

He responded, "Good luck with that."

To me it sounded like... "good luck with that because you're pretty dumb."

At least I didn't get interrogated.


Alright, the gate is open. Tot ziens!


mommy said...

can't wait to see you!

since when did we become "units" (boohoohoo)? i just saw the comment below "Please prove you're not a robot" - i guess that answers my question, eh?

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