The weather is getting colder!

Kind of. Actually I think it might be warming up a little again, before I get to experience the wet Dutch winter.

I will now present to you... some random highlights from our trip! My parents have the better pictures on their camera, so here is a small sampling. For reference, we went to Brussels for two days, then to G(h)ent (it's Ghent in English and Gent in Dutch... and Gand or something in French... clearly it's in the Flemish-speaking part of Brussels, which is kind of like Dutch), and then to Venlo (which is back in the Netherlands).

The Atomium... for the third time. Hahaha. I like the building though, I must admit.

Free beer at the Manneken Pis (statue of little boy peeing). I didn't drink the whole thing. I still don't understand why people like beer, I think it tastes gross...

Comic strip museum! This is the only picture I could find that wasn't portrait style, and I haven't rotated any of them yet, so... tadah...

This is a typical Belgian (Flemish, to be precise) beef stew with mashed potatoes, basically. It was good but super super super filling.

Some kind of traditional Belgian eel dish, I think.

Mussels! Very Belgian.

As you can tell, we had a theme with our food...

So the Sunday we were there was "car-free Sunday", which meant that from 9am to 7pm, almost all roads were closed. Public transport was free, but it basically unleashed hoards of cyclists onto the roads, which is something I'm used to anyway. 
Because of this occasion, I think a lot of stuff was going on in the city, and this is an example of it. It was like... a huge park with tons of sport activities for kids. With these nice arches surrounding it. And I'm pretty sure the two wings of the building are museums. Oh, Europe...

As I previously mentioned, fries are rather Belgian, so I made sure my parents got to try it.

Gent is known for looking nice at night, so I vainly tried to capture it on my little point and shoot. A photographer I am not, hopefully this doesn't offend my pro-photographer-readers...

We went on a boat tour, which was nice and relaxing, and the guide was pretty friendly.

Graffitistraat is the nickname of this street in Gent. It's legal to graffiti here. Most of it was messy and not that nice, but there was one really intense painting of a tiger.... which I somehow failed to take a picture of because I couldn't find it on my camera. Maybe my parents have it...

Anyway, now it's back to work for real. I think. I feel guilty for taking so much intermittent time off, but I have somewhat renewed energy to get back to working. We'll see how long that lasts (I'd say... max one week. Haha)


Koa said...

It's still summer here!!! I'm enjoying the sunshine. Is it raining there again? We didn't get to try their fries when we were there shucks!!!

Joyce said...

I think beer is gross too :(

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