#17: UNA Pizza and Wine

I'm back!

This is actually from July 4, hahaha. I am so bad at keeping up-to-date with this, I'm sorry!

Anyway, finally tried out UNA on 17th ave! Good to go on a Monday -- all the online reviews say that the line-up could take up to an hour or an hour and a half (and they don't take reservations), but there was no wait time involved. Win!

Decided to go for some of the appetizers, which were tiny but interesting. I don't remember the names exactly, but one of them had anchovy (which I am not a huge fan of). The other had some kind of stuffed date, but it kind of tasted like pumpkin and I really liked it!

Date is on left, skewer of odd-sauce-ness is on the right.

Then, of course, pizza had to be ordered. It's silly to go to a place with pizza in its name and not get pizza, right? (Okay, so we didn't order any wine. But this is with good reason, I cannot handle wine to save my life. Probably a social skill I should learn, but maybe not.)

We asked for recommendations, and the server said the mushroom pizza was the most popular. Personally I am not a mushroom person (possibly under the influence of my siblings, though potentially not...) but I usually go with whatever is recommended, so a mushroom pizza we got.

The thin crusted ness of the pizza is not evident, but it was quite thin. And surprisingly tasty, for mushroom.

Just for trying more things, we also ordered the shrimp and lime pizza. It was really tasty, in my opinion. Maybe it's because shrimp is starting to grow on me, or lime, or both. At any rate, it one-upped the mushroom.

For the record, the two pizzas were good for another few lunches following. I do not eat more than one pizza in a sitting...

Finished off with their seasonal dessert which was basically strawberry icy goodness. With random mint leaves. Refreshing on a hot day.


Lilaznkutey said...

a) you are always near my house & never visit/invite!
b) i'm jeaaaalous.
c) to amalgamate my comments into one, i never get more hashbrowns. i went with friends once though and 2 guys ate other half plate, i was impressed,

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