#16: MBA BBQ Noodle House

When I see MBA, I think of business students, not Chinese food. That may have been why I couldn't remember the name of this restaurant. (I had to look it up on urbanspoon).

I don't know if it's because I'm Chinese or because I've been to a lot of Chinese restaurants (something which is likely caused by the former), or because I'm not a huge fan of Chinese food (which is probably linked to the first two), but the idea of blogging about a Chinese restaurant is not that exciting. It's not that I don't like Chinese food, it's just that I've probably had too much of it. Almost anything else sounds more exciting.

This was your regular round table affair, with everyone having their own plate, bowl and chopsticks and sharing of food. There were two people in the group who chose to have their own dishes (one was out of necessity, as they were limited in their food choices thanks to a recent wisdom-teeth-removal) and the other eight of us split.

It was sort of awkward taking pictures of food while dining with nine others, but I did it anyway, because I am cool like that.

Most of the food was pretty typical. Tasted pretty good, was pretty oily and had lots of things in it. The most interesting for me was this dish with scallops, egg and broccoli. It looked pretty (in my opinion) and if I were me a few years ago, I wouldn't have touched it. But I'm old now (sad face) and being less picky has perks.

Isn't it cute? ^^

Apparently to eat it, you mix it with red vinegar...

It becomes less cute, in my opinion.

The rest of the food was alright. I've become an eggplant convert. And I always like noodles.

However, I was not a fan of the random, really strong stuff in my food, like huge (but unrecognizable) pieces of ginger and some other weird spice that should not be eaten. Despite the somewhat social taboo-ness, I would still pick stuff out or try to "discreetly" get rid of it.


Eggplant =)

Some kind of chicken and some kind of pork, I think. Lol.

Overall verdict? I don't think I would go again, unless I was going with other people who wanted to go there. It was just nice because it was open on Canada Day, and Calgary Court (another place I have not been to...) was super packed.

Whew! I think I am officially caught up now, and it's a good thing; this coming week is going to be full of adventures.


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