#14: Muku!

I love ramen.

I miss ramen in Japan.

Ramen is so completely win. In fact, it is the highest ranking on the win scale. (Yes, the scale goes from 1 to ramen.)

Anyway, the best place that we have found in Calgary for ramen (so far...) is Muku on 14th street NW.

I have been here several times now; the first time my experience had good and bad aspects. It was fun, but I was less-than-impressed with the noodles. However, as I continued to come with my family, it started to grow on me until all of a sudden, I was pretty much addicted.

Well not actually, but seriously, ramen cravings happen. Specifically for Muku, since other places serving up ramen offer "beef" and "chicken" ramen... but in Japan, ramen is traditionally pork, so this leads to questioning on my part.

They had a summer special going on called summer ramen, and since it was hot, my dad and I decided to try it. It looked smaller than the rest, but it was still good. I don't know if I'd order it again though - depends how hot it is outside.

My mom and Manang got tonkotsu ramen, which is probably my favourite "traditional" one.

My brother had their kuroton, which is more of a Muku thing than Japanese, I believe. Still very good.

I would recommend any of the aforementioned, as well as their sukiyaki beef and their miso ramen. Basically everything I've had there is kind of delicious.

Are you hungry yet? Seriously. Go for some ramen. And take me with you.

My brother and I were thinking that it'd be awesome to go for ramen, then walk down Kensington Road to Amato Gelato for dessert. It's probably at least 15 minutes walk, to ease the guilt a little bit. And what a delicious combo it would be...


Unknown said...

That sounds like an unreasonably delicious idea.


Irene said...

I finally tried Muku! It is goood... though I honestly don't think I could fit gelato after eating the ramen.

E. Schmidt said...

Aaah I love your blog! Keep it up! Also I've never actually had real ramen, only the instant kind. I'm assuming the real stuff is better?

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