#13: Oatmeal Cookies

Sorry! I've fallen behind.

So, last week we had a garage sale (which was our FIRST EVER and it was quite exciting... because it was the first time. The garage sale itself was not the most exciting thing in the world.) In order to help out with "business", I decided that it would be a brilliant idea for me to bake cookies and sell them.

Since it was for selling, doubling the recipe seemed like a wise choice. The recipe used to be available online, but I can no longer seem to find it. It was inspired by Le Persaud, thanks to the Duckett cookie incident that happened last year. If anyone wants the recipe, let me know.

My mom really likes these cookies, so I've made this particular recipe at least 10 times now (or so it feels like). I have terrible memory, so I still need the actual measurements and such, but the motions are quite easy. This is the same cookie batch that I made when studying for ENGO 333...

Cookie dough! Nom nom nom.

Since I've made these so many times before, I felt like I should blog about them. However, I don't have much to say because it was the same deal as usual. I made "half" raisin (a bigger half, on accident) and "half" chocolate. The chocolate sold out at the garage sale. I think I sold more cookies than anything else, especially to the neighbours.

Handy trick which dawned on me making this batch of cookies: Recipes always say to cool on wire racks. I hate washing wire racks, so I usually just let them cool on the cookie sheet and then in the container. But last week I realized... I can cool them in my toaster oven!

Is this not brilliant? (or somewhat, anyway...)

Anyway, I am so behind on posts so now I must move on to the next one! =)


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