#18: Galaxie Diner

July 8 was Stampede Parade day! Being pseudo-Calgarian (I say pseudo only because I don't usually participate too much in Stampede festivities), we decided to take a couple of the grad students to see the parade.

Which may have just been an excuse to go eat food. Haha. Went to Galaxie Diner and beat the breakfast "rush".

The place, as it turned out, was tiny. The booths had their own jukeboxes, but none of them worked, which was too bad because I like flipping through their song selections (more for the sake of flipping as opposed to looking at songs...)

As usual, I asked for the waitress's recommendation (specifically, her personal favourite; I've found that a lot of servers are very dodgy when you ask for recommendations, probably because they don't want you to hate on them) and she referred me to the breakfast burrito.

I asked for just one, because we were supposed to be going out for lunch after the parade as well, and I didn't want to be full for that. (As it later turned out, I was still pretty full...) They accidentally gave me two, but charged me for just one - win!

I quite liked my food. To the point where I would order it again if I frequented the diner enough, but since I don't, I would definitely try something different (if I were to return). There are too many places out there to try...

Apparently they also offer unlimited hash browns. If I were hungrier, I totally would've gone for that -- good hash browns, plus I just like hash browns to begin with.

My other dining buddies all got different things. They all looked good, and were fairly large portions too -- good for that typical Western-style diner-esque breakfast. As if I know what that is.

Calgary Sandwich!

Montreal Smoked Meat Hash!

Calgary's Only Omelette of Choice -- complete with fork for size comparison.

Overall, a delicious breakfast experience. I still have to go to Diner Deluxe one of these days though.

I suspect that I will just barely break even this summer, given that I'm not exactly getting paid a lot and I've been spending quite a bit. XD

Also, for lunch we went to Rose Garden Thai but I wasn't overly impressed (possibly a combination of not being that hungry and the restaurant being relatively un-busy, therefore buffet food was less fresh) so I've decided I'm not going to blog about it until I revisit and give it a second chance.


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