København! aka Copenhagen

A "brief" glimpse at the long weekend of adventure-ness (my first time to Scandinavia!)

The train from Germany to Denmark goes on a ferry!

For real! And you get out of the train and can take pictures and eat food and stuff.

A drink with some alcohol content that I actually enjoy (admittedly, it pretty much tastes like Martinelli's, but it feels cool to be drinking Swedish apple cider =P).

Did you know Lego is Danish? 
I didn't ...

Lego mock-up of one of the really touristy spots of Copenhagen (Nyhavn, aka New Harbour)

The "free town" within Copenhagen. Interesting, but gave me a weird vibe when walking around, though I can't quite describe that it was.

"Hey, there's something under construction behind this wall, so we'll put some art on it so you feel better about missing out on what used to be/will be here."

Live version of Nyhavn.

Close to the hostel... not sure if this was art (it had the name of a cafe on it) or an accident-turned-billboard...

The way iced tea should be. (I'm addicted to "housemade" iced teas in this continent, restaurants that do their own iced tea are awesome....)


The famous little mermaid. I think this explains why I had "Part of Your World" stuck in my head this morning....

My wannabe-artistic-but-failed photo of Tivoli Gardens, the second-oldest amusement park in the world.

Slightly better picture of the Gardens, later at night.

This was at the train station and (sorry for the epic window glare problem) but U of C'ers, does this remind you of something?!

Anyway, that is all for now folks. Tune in next time to hear about interesting realizations I've had.
OR it will be another wait and maybe some pictures. We shall see...


Daddy said...

train riding on a ferry.. how much is your fare?

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