A spike in viewership!

For whatever reason, there was a big increase in pageviews today, so I felt inspired to write another post :).

Recently, my brother and another brother came to visit! It was pretty exciting. We totally touristed the clogs off of these tall Dutch folk. In just four (+ two) days, we managed a bunch of stereotypical Dutch things:

We visited Keukenhof (huge flower gardens, surrounded by even bigger tulip fields..)

Kinderdijk, a UNESCO world heritage site featuring old windmills that do not seem to spin anymore....

Amsterdam, during the last Queen's day (or is it Kroningsdag?) of... this generation. We didn't get to see the King and Queen live (like in-person) but we did see them on big screens and we witnessed a legit coronation, not just one that you see in a movie.

Also experienced (but not pictured):
  • pannekoeken (hooray, Dutch pancakes!)
  • FRESH stroopwafel (I do not know if I can go back to the storebought ones, especially if it's from Superstore....)
  • uncannily beautiful weather (something I would classify as NOT typical Dutch....)
  • fried Dutch fast food (including fries with awesome sauces, kroketten and bitterballen)
  • other random Dutch-type fast food (doners are the burgers of Europe... and I got to introduce my brother to a kapsalon, haha.)
  • the charming city and parts of the campus in Delft
  • Indonesian food
  • a little bit of hot pot with the saints in Delft :) delicious
  • (falling down the stairs, but that was just me. And in fairness, the stairs in this country are called "traps" for a reason)
  • Konninginenacht (Queen's night) in The Hague -- we only stayed for an hour though, but it was enough time to see most of the carnival going on
  • the city centre of Arnhem
  • dinner with my former flatmates, including playing 30 seconds (a Dutch game, where you try to describe items on a card and your team has to guess), Taboo, and teaching them how to play telephone pictionary... which is always ridiculously awesome when you play with people whose first language isn't English (the Dutch are amazing at English, but occasionally the difference between a 'quad' and 'squat' gets them xD)
So, as you can imagine, I'm pretty exhausted. This, coupled with work, and insane allergies that make it hard to breathe.... I think I will go to bed now.



Mommy said...

Just read your blog. Your brother is home for a few hours and is heading to Japan in less than 3 hours.

mandy said...

aha! a peep from the sibling.
i had to make mommy's day bfast all by myself. -.-
i burnt my finger.
but dagnabit it turned out well ;)

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