Happy day

In summary form...

  • Woke up to find that my bicycle was NOT stolen, but someone stole the strap off the back (I use it to strap on groceries/things I buy). Kind of sad... but then I realized that I am thankful to the Lord that nothing more was stolen (and that I should not be so attached to material things, haha)
  • Booked a hair appointment and my telephone conversation was completely in Dutch :) Except when I said "space" (asking if there was space)
  • Went to visit a sister who moved here from South Africa and was very sweet and open. This is a long complicated story (of how her aunt got in touch with another sister who used to live in Delft but now lives in Antwerpen who tried to get her to email me and another sister, but only that other sister got the email, but then we sent back information from both of us, and then the one who is here emailed just me, but then we both went... I purposely made that make no sense), but one of the Lord's sovereign hand in all situations. Just as all our situations are.
Yes, I am lazy with blogging, I apologize. I think it's costing me readers, haha. Next time there will be some pictures or something...


Cindy said...

From the first bullet point.. were you anticipating for your bike to get stolen?

Bullet point 2.. cool =) I would like to see your haircut.. when you get it/if you got it already

Bullet point 3.. why did you purpose make it not make sense =(

Hope you are doing well!

Betty said...

i'm so impressed with your Dutch skills!

mandy said...

I'm impressed with your Dutch skills too. I feel like I need to move somewhere for a year just so I can become passably fluent in another language. -.- mow.

Pictures will always earn you more readers. Lesson of the interwebs.

I miss you.

Christina said...

Hi K'dee! I like reading your blog. I miss you and cant wait till you're back :D

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