The hills are alive....

with the sound of trains being delayed....

Haha. No, they aren't really.

But Salzburg, birthplace of Mozart and location of The Sound of Music was... full of snow. Perhaps it would've had a musical ambiance, had it been able to penetrate the freezing air.

I have nothing witty to narrate, largely due to tiredness, so here are some pictures!

It was cold!

Teehee, horse with gore tex jacket.

The view of the Old Town in Salzburg, from atop of their fortress-castle-thing

I was amused by the super green football (soccer) field, in the middle of winter... with people playing on it.

This is apparently the Mirabell gardens, where "Do Re Mi" was filmed. I think. It was hard to tell what things were, due to the snow... and all the plants being dead.

Austrian schnitzel!

Did you know that Red Bull is an Austrian company? I didn't. In Salzburg, they have a little Red Bull museum in Hangar 7, which is close to the airport...ish. It's about 20 minutes away from the airport if you walk, or if you take a bus from the train station, you get off a couple stops before the airport. Anyway, they have this nice showcase of Red Bull planes and cars and stuff. And nice restaurants where you can eat while viewing their lovely displays. And clean bathrooms.


Betty said...

Your posts makes me miss Europe and travelling so much... but in a good way :D

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