#20: Catch-up: Road Trip

Sigh, as expected, I'm pretty bad at this blogging business. It's all novel and exciting at the beginning (well, maybe not novel, but exciting) but then it slowly goes downhill. Largely due to laziness and a lack of blogging mood. The blogging mood tends to come at inopportune times.


So this is going to be a long post, but I think I will stick mainly to pictures.


While in Calgary, some places I tried out:

NOtaBLE (for brunch):

Not bad, but I was not overly impressed with the taste. It felt just a little bit bland. The idea was neat (like a pancake but savoury) but I felt like they could do better... I'd have to check out dinner.

Tilted Grill:

Yay! Korean BBQ burrito, finally... (LA food truck-style). Too bad it's double the price. It was tasty, and the yam fries were an excellent complement.

Diner Deluxe:

Did I ever mention how much I love breakfast? Because I do. Chocolate french toast with bananas... full of happiness (even though it looks kind of ugly.)


Road trip!

hitch hiked down to Anaheim with my father and Jonathan. A lot of food was consumed, and a lot of sitting around happened. But, it was fun.

I will just give a small sampling...

This is out of order but I am lazy, sorry.

Anaheim Japanese place (don't know the name...):

Good-sized portion. I would seriously become obese if I lived in America. It's so much cheaper there, and such large amounts of food.

Special Thai!!!

You can see the Thai tea in the corner too. This is the pad thai. We got two other dishes for the three of us... that was a lot of food.

On the road, we went to the Brick Oven:

Honestly, the brick oven was outside; it was 99 degrees.
They had good pizza! This was chicken alfredo pizza. So tasty.

Japanese place in Salt Lake City:

Five stars for presentation... two stars for value =( that plate was $15... and not that good.


Another reason why I would be obese if I lived in America (or So Cal specifically). That bowl (it was a little more than half full I think) was less than $3.00...

Cafe in Anaheim (French-Canadian style too, hehe):

Cute crepe =) and tasty. But small.

Mm, breakfast. Particular highlights: homemade sausage which was a tiny bit sweet and very tasty, and stuffed French toast which had cream cheese and strawberry jam inside.

Cortina's: (as recommended by Alex. Actually the place above was also recommended by Alex)

Eggplant sandwich. =) I got so excited about eating it that I forgot to take a picture until later, haha. Whoops.


Anyway, a very abbreviated and hyperspeed version of some of the things I've consumed lately. I realized (as I flipped through some pictures) there are more Calgary places I visited that I haven't blogged about either. So very behind... BUT! Once school starts, I will probably visit food places less frequently. So I won't be behind!

I have yet to post about other things in life... I guess I will save that for another day.


E. Schmidt said...

Yay updates! Mmmm that Korean BBQ burrito looks really really good... how come I didn't know about all this good food in Calgary when I was there??

Joyce said...

What do you know? I'm a breakfast person too! I can eat breakfast type of food any time of the day :)

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