#19: Baked goodness - Lazy Loaf & Kettle and A Ladybug Bakery and Cafe

People need to name their places with shorter names.

So, when I returned from the college training, one of the first things I did was go on an adventure. My coworker took me to Lazy Loaf & Kettle, and we consumed a slice of chocolate cake. It was quite good, but very chocolatey and rich and sweet. Kind of like God, only I don't get sick of Him... and I don't know if He is chocolatey. Anyway, the cake was nice. I think I would go back and try some of their other stuff. Sadly, it's kind of steep and my wallet has definitely been taking a toll this summer.

A later adventure took me down to the SW to finally try A Ladybug (Bakery?) and Cafe after noticing it on urbanspoon a number of times. We tried a bunch of things, all over the course of doing some paper-editing.

The flexibility of this job (definitely influenced by my colleagues) has spoiled me...

Anyway, we tried a number of things. Apparently their lemon tarts were considered one of the top 25 things to try in Calgary, or something like that. I can't remember which magazine this was from, though I'm tempted to say it was in Avenue... Regardless, tried that along with something apple (which was okay but not spectacular) and something that basically tasted like a hedgehog but lighter and less sweet. I really liked the lemon tart and the hedgehog-like one.

I think the hedgehog one (top) is kind of pretty, too.

I ordered a crepe that had chicken and mushroom (no way!) because it was supposedly their most popular. Despite the mushrooms, it was delicious. I think my taste for mushrooms is slowly growing, kind of like coconut. Strange...

It was very tasty, but quite pricey. Although it was good, it would have to be a special occasion for me to go back.

It was also early enough that a latte or two was suitable. I had chai, while my buddy had almond. Later we also tried the red tea latte, which tasted quite different but good. To be honest, I was just excited about the latte art. I like it when people make it pretty.

Almond =)

Red tea latte!

Why didn't mine have art? I don't know. I decided to make my own.

Well, I think I'll have to save Diner Deluxe for another day. Getting tired and sleep awaits. Hopefully somebody out there reading this is happy ^^.


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