Burger cupcakes

Every time I try to start blogging again, I inevitably fail, so I will just post at random.

I helped make burger cupcakes with some young sisters the other day, to bring to our home meeting. We got the idea from Pinterest and found that lots of people had done it so it was pretty easy to get ideas for all the components.

Bun: vanilla cupcake
Tomato: strawberry slice
Lettuce: green icing
Patty: brownie
Fries: sugar cookies
Ketchup: strawberries (blended), with a touch of lemon juice and icing sugar.

There were so many components, we ended up using mixes for almost everything except the icing. If you made them all from scratch, this could be at least a half-day project...

You can't really see it, but the box was also homemade! We folded origami boxes and coloured them with red sharpie stripes (for whatever reason, I had five red sharpies in my drawer).
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