Memory lane...

Hi, sorry, I'm still here. Just lazy.

Well, it's because I like to have pictures in my posts but then I sometimes forget to get my pictures from my camera.

Before I continue with the relevant bit about the subject, let me show you some terrible pictures I took from this past weekend! There was a Christmas market in Strasbourg (or is, since it goes on until the end of the year) and I really don't care for Christmas since I don't celebrate it and I could rant about it and be Scrooge-like (I'm not, I just don't really like a lot of the things behind Christmas) but I do love the lights that go up during this time of year. Worst sentence ever.

Moving on, hooray for pretty lights! They're all around the city centres in Holland too. Happy!

Look at all this shininess. I know it's probably reading 'vanity' in between the lights too, but I must confess that I do like lights when it's dark.

On an unrelated note, I have been perusing old emails and conversations. It's kind of bizarre how much of our lives (or mine, anyway) has been digitally recorded in some way. Both good and bad -- it's nice to reread these things and remember stuff that I had forgotten (which is a lot because my memory is horrible!) but with everything becoming virtual, this is yet another reminder among many.. there's something about face-to-face contact that can't be replaced.

An update on my housing situation... going to talk to someone tomorrow who is trying to sublet their place for 4 months. That means I'll have to move again, but at least I would have a roof over my head.

Okie... tot volgende keer! (Til next time!)

Oh that reminds me, my Dutch class finished too. I miss it! :(


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