Bike wrestle

I forgot that I wanted to post these pictures:

Can you see my bike? It's the one with the red seat cover... but not the one on the left, the one on the right, sort of hidden behind someone else's handlebar.

These were the bikes blocking the aisle

Upon returning from a weekend trip, I went looking for my bike. Thankfully, it wasn't stolen, but it was trapped. There were literally at least 3 or 4 bikes crammed into the aisle, and another two that were tightly sandwiching it.

At first, I panicked and woefully thought about how I would need to leave my bike and rescue it another day. Then I told myself that there was no way I was going to have a bike here and just... leave it. 

So I proceeded to move the bikes out of the aisle (this was relatively easy once I got the hang of it, but awkward with a backpack and purse), and then wrestled with the larger bike that was squishing mine.

Surprisingly, it only took about 10 minutes to free the bike. Hooray! 

Even if parking your bike at the station is risky (getting stolen or... stuck), it beats getting your bike impounded. 


Cindy said...

well, doesn't that look like fun haha. bike party

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